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The Range

The Range

Taking inspiration from the great craftsmen and tremendous ingenuity of those who went before us right here in our home of Chatham Dockyard, the Copper Rivet Distillery team is proud to present our portfolio of spirits that we have crafted for those who care how spirits are made. We made a conscious decision to establish a distillery in our home of Kent where we knew that all the elements existed to create great spirits.

We decided to do things the hard way, starting absolutely from scratch by taking responsibility for the entire production process - from growing the grain to producing the spirit in your glass - we believe this is the only way to deliver truly distinctive spirits for the discerning individual to enjoy. This is why we select only the best grains grown in Kent by our local farming partners, such as Burden Brothers. To assure ourselves of the character of our spirits we decided to design our stills ourselves and had them wrought by craftsmen right here in Chatham, using the same skill and care that once fashioned and launched the greatest ships the world had ever seen.

It is with this care for our craft and attention to detail that we have brought to life our concept of distilling a first class English whisky, are delivering a classically refreshing gin you’ll want to keep coming back to and how we’ve made our silky smooth, beautifully original English grain vodka. 

Welcome to the Copper Rivet Distillery ultra premium spirits range…

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Dockyard Gin

We start with our own neutral grain spirit to create our Gin....

Vela Vodka

Selected grains are milled through our four roller mill...

Masthouse Whisky- AVAILABLE 2020

Spring barley carefully grown and malted to our specification...

Son of a Gun

Selected grains are milled through our four roller mill...