Celebrate your Copper Anniversary with Copper Rivet Distillery,

You’ve made it to your copper anniversary – congratulations! That means you’ve been married for 7 years – incredible.

But why do we call it a copper anniversary?

The truth is it is actually called your copper and wool anniversary; the tradition of copper comes for the United States in the mid-1930s, while wool was traditionally used as a reference for celebration in most of western Europe.

Copper always had an association with luck and good fortune. So, after 7 years, what better metal to associate with the luck and good fortune of finding your soul mate than copper. Focusing on the copper in particular though which has customarily had the connotation for luck.

If you’re looking for ideas for a copper anniversary gift for your beloved, then consider wiling away a couple a few hours at Copper Rivet Distillery – an informative and lugubrious tour followed by an incredible celebratory meal at the Pumproom relaxed fine dining restaurant and cocktail bar.

It doesn’t matter if your wife is a Whisky drinker or your whether your husband drinks gin there’s nowhere can bring out the copper anniversary theme better than the Copper Rivet Distillery. From distillery’s name, copper coloured red-brick building, bespoke and patented stills copper mule mugs and cocktail jiggers – it’s all about the copper.

A distillery tour includes the background of this family owned and run business and touches on the history of what was once Britain’s mightiest dockyard – plenty to satisfy any partner who’s a history buff. Then, of course, there is detailed walk through the distillery’s unique farm to glass distillation process – which is unrivalled. All this is followed by a spirit tasting and rounded off with a complimentary Gin and Tonic or Vodka, in the cocktail bar.

If you’re planning to stay at home rather than an excursion, we have a range of gifts and world leading spirits. For example, our gin trio set with a 5cl bottle of Dockyard Gin Dockyard Kent Strawberry Gin and Dockyard Oak Aged Damson Gin. It is beautifully presented in this copper coloured carton – the perfect gift for her on your Copper anniversary.

If your better half is whisky lover, the perfect gift will be a bottle of one of Copper Rivet Distillery’s Masthouse Whisky range – single malt whisky, Britain’s first column malt whisky and a wonderful grain whisky. This is one of the rare single estate, single harvest whiskies to be found anywhere. It is presented in a beautiful carton and contains our Invicta Whisky Charter™ which details the strict rules under which Masthouse Whisky is made.

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